Industrial Automation

Van Ert Electric has provided a wide range of services to our manufacturing customers for many years. In addition to our vast electrical contracting capabilities, our 100+ years combined experience in control system design and implementation can provide a solid foundation for all your automation needs.

Manufacturing Automation

  • Metal Stamping Controls
  • Press Upgrades
  • PLC Based Motion Control
  • Press Safety Systems
  • Cell Integration
  • Custom Machine applications
  • Process Monitoring / Line Wellness Applications


  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
  • Industry Standard Hardware & Software
  • Application Specific, Open-Architecture Design
  • Peer / Peer Communications
  • Remote HMI & Network Access
  • Remote Application Support Access
  • Alarm Systems including Automatic Dialers
  • System Security Strategies

Food & Beverage Automation

  • Raw Materials Handling
  • Batch Processing Systems
  • CIP (Clean In Place) Systems
  • Atomizing and Evaporation Processes
  • Finished Goods Handling

Data Collection & Reporting

  • Collection and Archival of all relevant data
  • Real-Time & Historical views
  • Data Storage Backup strategies
  • Report Design & Scheduling
  • Printing configurations